YouTube is so much popular all around the world and is known as the largest videos sharing services among the people. however, the best and the latest news that has excited so many people, especially the kids is that YouTube will launch kids friendly app 2016 known as YouTube kids that would have everything for the children to see. This amazing app of YouTube was launched on 23rd of February, 2015 and so many people have installed it in their Android devices and appreciated it the most. Not only the Android users, but the iOS users can also enjoy the amazing YouTube for kids’ app on their devices as it is designed for both the Apple play store and Google play store.

The best thing about this amazing YouTube for kids app is that all the content available at this app is totally for the kids. There is no kind of adult content uploaded on YouTube for kids app, so that the parents can feel free to let their children use the YouTube for kids app anytime. The content like the Sesame street, reading rainbow, yo Gabba Gabba, national geographic kids, pocoyo and dreamworks TV, talking tom, Thomas the tank engine, TutiTuTv and so much more is usually found on the YouTube for kids app that makes it sure for the people that this app is totally related to the kids, not the adults and that is why the students have actually loved using this app on the Smartphones and the tablet PC.

YouTube was actually planning this for a long period of time that they would be launching an app for the kids only with all the kids related app and there they have made it successful. This amazing app has actually been put by the in house engineers and so many third party organizations of YouTube like the common sense media. These all together have made the launch of the YouTube for kids’ app successful. Another best thing about the YouTube for kids’ app is that it also has a timer that is very controllable by the parents for shutting down the YouTube for kids app after a certain amount of time, so that the children do not use spend extra time watching videos at YouTube for kids app and get away from their studies.

Other good things about the YouTube for kids app is that the comments are also disabled on this app, so the kids can be prevented from profanity. However, all the parents who like to limit the screen time of the YouTube for kids can also control all of the settings of this app with the password. Once the timer that is set by the parents on the YouTube for kids app runs out, the app automatically turns off and asks for the password again. One of the best things about the YouTube for kids’ app is that it also supports the voice command because there are so many children of young age who can’t type.