This is the age of technology where most of the people like to keep the latest and the most amazing Android Smartphones with them. This is the reason why Android OS have been introducing more and more innovative features for their users. Sometimes, people are not satisfied to keep all of their data only in their Smartphones as they are afraid of losing it, especially the photos.

The ways helping people how to import images from Android to Computer

However, most of the people are not aware of the methods of importing their data, especially the photos from their Android device to the computer. They are confused with it and this is why they usually don’t transfer their data. Just because they are afraid that they might lose their data in any kind of mishap, they are suggested to transfer all of their important data in their systems for keeping it secure. They should use any of the method that suits them the best. Some of the best ways that would help these people with how to import images from Android to Computer are:

Launch the program and connect Android device to computer:

This is one of the best ways of transferring the photos and other files from the Android device to the computer. All the user needs to do is download and install the Android Data Manage program on their computer by attaching their Android device with their system with the help of the USB cable. After that they would be able to see the folders of their device on their system. As the program automatically detects the device, so the users can copy any of their data in their system using the primary windows.

Import the photos from Android to the computer:

The users can use another way for transferring their files from their device to their system using the USB cable and connecting the device with their system. On the device, in the left column, the users need to click the button of ‘photos’. After that, all the photos are displayed on the Android device as a list where the users can see their desired files. After that, the users need to choose the folder for saving their photos or they can also right click their mouse within the category of the photos for creating a new folder. Then they need to click the ‘add’ button for adding a file or the folder. This will help bring up the windows file browser where they can find their photos that they want and then import them to their computers.

Export photos from Android devices to the computer:

There are so many ways of copying the files and other data from the Android devices to the computer. Connecting the Android device to the system with the help of the cable and exporting the photos from the device to the computer is another one of the easiest ways of copying the files. All the user needs to do is download the Android device program on their system by connecting it and then copy their desired files easily.