So many people like to keep the latest Android devices in their pockets these days because of the most amazing features and specifications. So many best cellular companies have been introducing the latest Android OS devices, so that the users can enjoy different kind of unique and innovative features of these devices.

How to use Gmail and Google Docs offline on Android Devices

The best thing of the Android device is the Google play store that allows the users to install different kind of amazing apps on their devices. With the help of the Android OS devices, the working of the Gmail account or the Google documents has become really very easy for the people. However, even by not having any internet connection on the Android device, the users can also access to the slide apps, Google drive, docs and the sheets. People who are unaware of how to use Gmail and Google Docs offline on Android devices should go through the following steps:

Make the files available offline:

For making the Gmail or the Google Docs available offline, the users must connect their Android device to the internet once for accessing to these files offline afterwards. However, there are two ways that help in making the file available offline of the Gmail and the Google docs and these methods are:

  • Tap to the grey ‘i’ button that is available next to the file that the users want to access being offline and switch the settings from off to on next to the option of ‘keep on device’ in the details panel.
  • For the other method, touch and hold the name of any of these items for 1 or 2 seconds and after that touch on ‘keep on device’ in the menu that appears on the screen.

The users can follow any of these methods for accessing to their documents offline. All the files are saved in the ‘On device’ section that is found on the left hand navigation panel in the app.

Remove offline access for the file:

For removing the offline access for the Gmail or the Google Docs, the users can follow any of the following steps:

  • Touch the grey button ‘i’ again that is always found next to the file and after that switch their settings from On to Off that can be found next to the ‘keep on device’ in the notification panel.
  • Or this can also be done by touching and holding the name of an item for 1 or 2 seconds and after that touch remove from device in the menu that appears.

Accessing offline files:

When any of the Android devices loses the internet connection, the users can access to their offline Docs and all by selecting On Device on the left hand notification panel of any of the Google drive, docs, sheets or the slide apps. They can also edit their Google Docs, sheets, or also the slides in the Docs, Sheets and the slide apps and all of the changes are updated offline when the internet connection is restored on the Android device.