There are so many people all around the world who have been using different kind of Android OS devices. This is all because Android has been introducing so many amazing apps and features for the comfort and entertainment of the users. Even in case the users forget their passwords, pins or the patterns, there are so many ways introduced by Android OS for recovering these passwords, pins and patterns.

How to unlock pattern lock on an Android Devices

This is the plus point why so many people are attracted towards purchasing these Android OS devices. People who don’t know how to unlock pattern lock on an Android device can follow any of the following methods:

Use Google Account for unlocking the pattern:

In case of forgetting the unlocking the pattern on the Android device, the users can very easily recover their pattern by using their Google account. This is the reason why Android OS devices have become so much common all over the world. When the users try different patterns on the device for five times, a message pops up on the screen and shows two buttons saying ‘next’ and ‘try again’. After tapping on the next button, the users will see two options for unlocking the pattern on their device. One says to the answer the security question and the other option is to provide the required details of the Google account. The best way is to select the second option of providing the Google account details that most of the people remember. By tapping on the Google account details option, the next page opens that asks for the Google account login and the password. After providing the login details, click on the sign in button. After that the user is directed to choose a new pattern and the device is unlocked.

Unlock the lock pattern without using the Google Account:

Sometimes, people don’t remember their Google login or password or at times they don’t even set up their Google account in their Android devices. These people can also unlock the lock pattern on their devices easily by following the following steps:

  • Switch off the Android device and after that wait for the second switching it off.
  • Now hold all these buttons of ‘Volume up’, ‘Home key’ and the ‘Power button’ all together until the device boots.
  • Now there will appear a screen like DOS on the device having various options there.
  • Now use the keys of volume up and volume down for moving up and down the options and by scrolling down, the user will find the option of ‘Restore Factory Defaults’ or ‘Delete all user data’ depending on what option does the device suits.
  • After clicking on all the settings given above, scroll down more and click on ‘Reboot System now’ and then give some time and wait for the device to reboot.

This is one of the best ways of unlocking the forgotten lock pattern of any of the Android device in case there is no Google account available on it.