So many people have been keeping the Android phones and tablets with them these days. One of the most common reasons why a lot of people have been found getting attracted towards the Android OS devices is all because of the strong security options offered by them. The Android lock screen is actually really very strong for the protection of all the data stored in that device.

How to unlock Android phone pattern or Password Lock

This is the reason why most of the people feel safe keeping the Android devices with the screen lock on it. However, sometimes people forget their screen lock pattern as well and they have to face a lot of difficulties. People who don’t know how to unlock Android phone pattern or password lock must follow the following instructions:

By enabling USB DeBugging:

This is one of the best ways for unlocking the Android phone pattern without much inconvenience. All the user needs to do is:

  • Find the settings of the Android device, tap on the settings and find ‘Development’.
  • Tap on ‘Development’, then on ‘USB DeBugging’ and then enable this option.
  • After making sure that the USB DeBugging is enabled on the device, connect that Android device to the desktop PC or the laptop.
  • Go to start and open CMD.
  • Type the code ‘adb shell’ very carefully and press enter.
  • After giving the commands in the CMD, the users need to restart or reboot their Android device. Give the pattern there and the device would be unlocked.

Unlock the lock pattern using the alternative way:

There are so many ways for unlocking the Android device pattern or the pin in case the users forget it. They should not be afraid of this thing. Among the most popular ways of unlocking the Android phone pattern or the password lock, another one is:

  • Enter the wrong lock screen pattern five times at the same time until the message appears on the screen saying ‘Forgot pattern’.
  • Tap on ‘Forgot pattern’ and wait.
  • Now the users forgetting their pattern or pin would be able to enter a backup pin or the Google account login, whatever suits the user.
  • Now the users should either enter the backup pin for restoring the lock pattern or pin on their Android device or follow the instructions for the Google account login.
  • After going through any of the procedure, the users would be able to unlock the locked pattern or the pin on their Android phone or tablet.

The users can use any of the methods given above for unlocking their Android device in case they forget the pattern or the pin they set on their device. However, in case of losing their device, the person who tries to unlock their device would lose all the data stored in it. This is the reason why Android OS allow the users to set pin, pattern or the password on their Android device, so that they can keep all of their data safe and secure.