Android Smartphones has gained worldwide popularity among people all over the world. The Android operating system has countless great features that have made the android devices really great to use. They have got the best and unique features that include the process of rooting as well.

How to transfer complete data from iPhone to Android

There are various benefits of rooting an Android device. Android Smartphones has gained worldwide popularity and has become really very common among people because of their countless great specs and functions. The android is basically designed for the touch screen Smartphones and even the tablet PCs. This is one of the most common reasons why so many iOS users have been switching to Android Smartphones. So, the people who don’t know how to transfer complete data from iPhone to Android can follow the following steps:

Moving the contacts from iPhone to Android:

All the people who are switching from iPhone to Android devices want to copy all of their contacts to their new device. This is actually because all the people consider this one of the most important tasks to do. However, all the users can very easily move their contacts from iPhone to Android using the following steps:

  • As the very first thing, enable the iCloud on the iPhone device and sync all of the contacts to the cloud.
  • On the iPhone device, go to the settings and from there to the iCloud.
  • After that, login with the iCloud account.
  • Enable the contacts on the page of the iCloud page for allowing the phone for syncing all of the contacts to iCloud.
  • Make sure that the iPhone is connected to the internet for syncing all of the contacts to iCloud.

All the contacts are then synced to the iCloud and the next step is to export all of the contacts from iCloud into the VCF file and after that import it all to the Google account. This is can be done via:

  • Open web browser on the computer.
  • Go to and sign in with the iCloud account.
  • Click on the contacts for viewing all the list of the contacts.
  • Select all the contacts that the users want to export.
  • Open the menu of the settings.
  • Select the export VCard from the settings menu and the browser will download a VCF file containing all the exported contacts.

Moving pictures and videos:

When switching from iPhone to Android, the users also like to transfer all of their pictures and videos and the best way of doing so is:

  • Import all of the iPhone images and videos to the computer PC by connecting the iPhone to the computer.
  • Open My Computer under the section of the portable devices, find the iPhone storage and right click on its icon.
  • Click on the import pictures and videos from the menu that pops up and the images and videos of the will be scanned.

After the scanning of the iPhone is completed click on import for copying all of those images and videos found to the PC, so they all can be copied to the Android device anytime the user contacts it to their PC.