Voice recognition software has been around for a long time. However its presence on a handheld device like a tablet or smartphone was something that was unheard of some time ago. Android and iOS developers have given a whole new dimension to voice recognition software.

With all the new restrictions of using mobile phone or devices while driving or working machinery, it has become even more important to access the basic, and sometimes special features of your phone without holding it in your hand. For this very reason there are numerous Android voice recognition software flooding the market. Here are the top ten android voice recognition android apps :

  1. Google Mobile Apps : there is just one reason that is enough to know why it is ranked at the top, and it is because it is Google! All the Google goodies can now be accessed simply by your voice.
  2. Speaktolt: Speaktolt is more like a companion than an app. It does whatever you want, it speaks to you for real! Whether it is accessing Facebook, answering your questions, asking for directions, Speaktolt does it, and does it well.
  3. Skyvi: one the most downloaded and highest rated voice recognition app is the Skyvi app. Not only does it do the basic jobs such as accessing FB or twitter, but it also has information about local businesses and food chains.
  4. Iris: iris may not be as sophisticate as the other apps, but she is great at what she does. No matter what you say in which ever dialect or pronunciation, Iris recognizes it straightaway.
  5. Robin : robin can be thought of more a tour guide and a driving assistant than a voice recognition app. Robin usually provides information related to traffic and places, directions, parking, traffic and gas prices etc.
  6. Bing : if google’s on the top, Microsoft’s not much far behind. The Bing Android apps are as sophisticated and useful as the ones that google is offering. Infect they are offering a far more suave and sophisticated interface than the Google apps.
  7. Vlingo: if a PA is too pricey for you to hire, simply download the Vlingo app. It is not free, but it is worth every penny. Searching the web, keeping reminders keeping track of your activities, accessing email, updating a Facebook status or making a phone call, Vlingo will do all the things thata PA does, and it does it perfectly.
  8. DRagonGo: although Dragongo is limited to accessing web and applications, it is highly popular due to its ability to recognize almost everything you say to it. That is why it is one of the most downloaded apps.
  9. Andy: Andy is more like an encyclopedia and Google search combined, it answers questions, or looks them up for you in detail. Either way it is highly popular especially with people who have conferences and debates as a daily thing in their lives.
  10. Maluuba: one of the most comprehensive and popular voice recognition app is the Maluuba. It finds restaurant, places, gives direction as well as accesses the basic thing such as Facebook, text messaging and calling. All in all, it is a highly successful and versatile app.