These days, so many people like to keep the tablet PCs with them as they have become so much common, especially the Android Tablet PCs. This is all because the Android tablets have got everything that most of the people wish to have in their devices.

The top 5 best Android Tablet apps of 2016

The unique and the most amazing apps of the Android tabs have been attracting so many people and the top 5 best Android tablet apps of 2016 are:


There are so many people all around the world who are crazy about Facebooking. This is the reason why they like to install Facebook in their Android tabs, so that they can enjoy using Facebook on their tablet PC anytime they want anywhere. The best thing about this amazing app of Android tabs is that it is totally free and the users can install it anytime they want from the Google play store just by having the wireless internet connection available.


Whatsapp is another one of the top 5 apps for the Android tabs that has gained so much popularity all over the world. So many people living in different places of the world like to stay in touch with their friends and family over whatsapp. With this amazing app for the Android devices, the users can enjoy sending instant messages and voice notes to their contacts anytime they want. They can also share pictures and videos on Whatsapp and this is the reason why whatsapp has become so much common among the people these days having the Android Smartphones and tablet PCs.


Viber is another one of those top 5 apps of the Android tablets that has been attracting a lot of people to keep the Android devices with them. With the help of Viber, the users can enjoy making free calls anywhere around the world to their friends and families. They can send instant messages to their loved ones and share pictures as well. The best things about this amazing app are that it is totally free and can be installed from the Google Play Store anytime the users want.

VLC for Android:

There are so many people who like to enjoy listening to music and watching movies on their Android tablet. This is the reason why a lot of people have been purchasing the tablets PCs, so that they can get entertained with it. VLC player is another best apps for the Android tab that a lot of people like to install in their devices, so that they can enjoy the high quality videos on their devices anytime they want.


For the seflie freak people, Snapchat is considered one of the most amazing apps. With Snapchat, the users can share their pictures and videos with their friends and families and can also get the scoring on their posting. The best thing about this amazing app is that it can be installed in the Android devices anytime from the Google play store free of any cost.