The smart phones industry is one of the fastest and largest growing industries of the world. Every year we see new and upgraded versions of different phones.

Sometimes companies change models twice or even thrice a year. This gives the buyers new improved and innovative options to choose their products. If you are planning to buy a smart phone this year, here is list of top 10 upcoming worth waiting android phone 2018:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6:

If you love the android technology and want to buy the best mobile phone in the market, then it is worth waiting for the Samsung galaxy S6. This is more of a phablet. It has the combined features and technology of both a mobile phone and a tablet.

  1. HTC One M9:

Everyone who has an insight into mobile phones knows that HTC M8 is one of the best mobile buys in the market. So obviously it is expected that the M9 is sure to bring a lot of new technologies and innovations. Like all the previous models of HTC, the M9 will bring with it the Android lollipop upgraded technology.

  1. The Sony Xperia Z4:

Sony has a long history with electronic devices and technology business. It is a great brand that has managed to establish its mark in the market of mobile phones as well. Its previous model Sony Xperia Z3 was a great android device and its upcoming version will surely beat its predecessor.

  1. LG G4:

According to many critics and experts the LG G3 was the beat mobile phone of the year 2014. So we can only expect that the new version will bring some more amazing features with it. So let us wait and see what the LG G4 has in store for us.

  1. LG G Flex 2:

This is the second mobile device from the well-known brand of LG that has reached the list of top 10 upcoming worth waiting android phones 2016. Some of its features have already been unveiled in the CES 2015.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

With the huge success of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the company is all planned to launch its newer upgraded version called the Samsung galaxy note 5. If you are into business communication and planning and want more than just a simple mobile phone, then this is a great phone to wait for.

  1. New Nexus 6:

The year 2014 saw the launch of the great mobile phone called Nexus 6. Since past few years the company has been continuously launching a great mobile every year. The latest version of the Nexus 6 is also much awaited in the market.

  1. The Oneplus Two:

This is a fairly new company of mobile devices that is much popular in the European world. The company is a targeting the mobile market and competing on price with various popular brands.

  1. Tesco Hudl Smart Phone:

The Hudl tablet has made its mark in the tablet industry but now the company is working on launching its smart phones to the people. These are expected to cater to the high end market.

  1. Asus ZenFone 2:

Already launched in the CES 2016, the phone is a great buy for any smart phone user.