The touch screen phenomenon has become very common with the proliferation of the smart devices in the market. Whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet, the companies are using the toughest form of highly resistant glass to make a strong touch screen panel.

Materials like gorilla glass are commonly being used for this purpose. These screens are not easily damaged or broken but still you need to be extra careful with them. So here is a list of top 10 tips how to protect your android touch screen:

  1. Selection of right tool:

Many people have the habit of using various things on the screen to navigate. This should be avoided. Use only your fingers or a stylus if provided.

  1. Be aware of its strength:

Make sure you are aware of the resistance limits and usage precautions of the touch screen of your mobile device. Do not let it come in contact with various electronic devices.

  1. Be careful and do not be harsh to handle:

The touch screen rather the entire mobile device is a delicate thing and should be handled with great care and gentleness. You should be aware of its limits and where it should not be used. Any hard scratches can damage the device badly.

  1. Avoid hard hits and shock:

Make sure you keep the mobile device or tablet at safe place. It should avoid any kinds of hard shocks or falls on the ground. Any hard blow can result in breakage of the screen or damage to the internal functions of the phone.

  1. Avoid idleness:

The touch screen of any mobile device should not be left on without any function and supervision. If let idle for long periods of time without any deactivation of the display, the touch screen may result in a burn in situation due to excessive heat in the mobile device.

  1. Use a Screen Protector:

It is always advisable to be safe than sorry. You should spend some money on a good protector for your touch screen.

  1. Avoid exposure to sun:

Make sure you do not expose the screen of your mobile device directly to the sunlight as this can be damaging for it. It will definitely deteriorate its quality.

  1. Treat it nicely:

You must be very careful when using the mobile device. Avoid using dirty or greasy hands and clean it thoroughly with a soft cloth on regular basis.

  1. Use a Cover for your Mobile:

These days many different types of mobile covers and cases are available in the market. You should also invest in one of these cases. This will not only protect the screen but also the entire panel of the mobile.

  1. Avoid Putting it is a cluttered bag or car dashboard:

Being a delicate and sensitive device, you should not put it in your purse or large bag with the other goods. It will damage the screen with scratches.