Android apps flood the market day and night. And it’s not only the fun and games apps, there is a very huge popularity of other type of apps as well. Whether you need an app for helping you get your stuff together, being a PA, or simply for playing games, there is something for everyone in the android market.

And that’s the best thing about Android, no matter how bizarre your need or wish for an app is, there is always an app that is the right one for you. But in this flood of apps, it becomes difficult to choose which app should be downloaded for a required purpose. Here are some of the best Google Android apps:

  • Duet: one of the most wildly downloaded app on Google Playstore this year was Duet which is a fun yet simplistic game that features two balls revolving around a fixed center point. Scattered with many obstacles, you must avoid these to win. To do so, you tilt and spin the balls to succeed at levels.
  • Swing Copters : As if the world needed another bout of madness, Atari,the developers of flappy bird hurled out this somewhat similar yet different game, sequel to the wildly popular flappy bird. swing copters has also seen quick success, getting thousands of downloads in a few hours.
  • SuperBetter: SuperBetter is a versatile app that can be classified both as a game as well as a management and productivity app. You set your own challenges and goals, or you can let the app give you progressive life improving tasks
  • Notepad reminder: never again tie a string to your finger again for remembering important things. This app does it for you. Using this, you to write a reminder note on the widget which is neatly places is directly on your screen.
  • Zapper: Love hangouts but hate the bill sharing and calculation part? Well, fret not, as Zapper is here to save the day. Zapper is a payment app that can used in restaurants, stations and cinemas.
  • Mint: bad at handling money matters? Well fear no more, Mint is the app for you. itlets you manage all your money matters in an organized and easy way. It allows you to see all your money, along with the entire cash flow.
  • Pandora radio: for some reason, Radio just doesn’t go out of fashion. But Pandora adds an even more modern touch to the radio by proper and sophisticated selection and cataloguing procedure.
  • ScoreMobile: are you a score fanatic? Never miss out another goal or sports update with this amazing new app that has a comprehensive list of sports such as NCAA football, NFL, Major League Baseball, golf and Barclay’s premier league.
  • UrbanSpoon: never go hungry again on a holiday. If you arrive in a city, and don’t know where to eat and what to eat, UrbanSpoon is here to help.
  • CleanMaster: tired of your memory running out? Or mobile slowing down? The cleanmaster app has been designed to fulfill this very job. It cleans the junk, optimizes your device and releases memory in just a few taps.