Games are the favorite, most downloaded and most demanded Android apps. They get the most hype and most attention. And what’s the fun in playing games, if you can’t challenge and compete with your friends? What’s the point of proving your game playing competence to yourself right?

There are uncountable multiplayer apps in the market that can employ two or more player. Below are the top ten best android multiplayer games:

  1. Asphalt Airborne: a very competitive multiplayer game, it involves real time racing and can allow as many as eight participants at once. There is also a ghost racing mode where your “ghost” can compete in the challenge posted by your friends
  2. BADLAND: it is a simple to play game with a unique and simple game design. It is highly popular amongst the masses because you can add as many as 21 players at one time to play the game. This has made it a favorite of the student masses and places such as campuses and bars.
  3. Clash of Clans: it’s the medieval way of living with a modern twist. You govern and rule a kingdom or clan, grow crops and keep armies, and fight the enemy clans. The enemy clans are the other players taking part with you in the game.
  4. Driving: especially very popular among the guys, this a pretty simple to understand ( but not so simple to play) driving game, it isn’t a racing game, more like a driving game, where the better you drive, the more you can win. The good thing and the bad thing about it is that It can go on and on, which is fun on one level, while frustrating on another.
  5. Ingress: this is strategy game that takes places in real places, such as landmarks of the entire world. There are two teams called the resistance and the enlightened, which you choose from to defend or capture these landmarks
  6. Osmos HD: it is hailed as one of the best designed Android game in the market right now. It is not particularly difficult or challenging, but it is definitely a lot of fun, and great to look at. It’s not free, but costs very little so no worries.
  7. Riptide GP2: this is a racing games, but only this time it is a jet ski and not a car or bike that racing about on water bodies. It has a great interface, and great designing, and definitely quenches the thirst of the gaming parties out there
  8. SHADOWGUN: this is a shooter game which has various death matches possible between as many as 12 players. It’s a pretty enjoyable game, and it’s free
  9. Words With Friends: think this one as a scrabble on smartphone. It works the same way, only this time you play it on your phone than a scrabble board. It’s an easy, relaxed game designed to bring back the good old scrabble parties.
  10. Warlings Battle Worms: if you are older than 25, then you know how much fun playing worms used to be. Your worm army destroyed the enemies ( the other player’s) army. It is exactly like the original, only this time it is available on smartphone and is free.