As mobiles have gotten larger and larger, with bigger displays and even better High definition video playing than the next, the android video apps have earned paramount importance. People want video players the features of which must be at par with their phone.

Top 10 best android Video Apps 2016

This has urged the Android developers to churn out more and more android video playing apps, with the best features and enhancements to bring out the best in video watching a result the android market has been flooded with numerous video apps. Here is the countdown of the top 10 best android apps:

  1. MoBoPlayer: it is an everlastingly popular video player app, and it deserves all the hype. It is an intelligently designed app that scans and configures all your memory card items, scanning out the videos and add them to the player library for your ease.
  2. VPlayer: the Vplayer does not have the fanciful outlooks like other video apps, but it is a sturdy, strong app that provides flawless video playback. Almost every kind of file format is supported in the app, hence you do not face any problem while playing kind of video.
  3. Archos Video Player: the hardware capabilities of the Archos video player is what makes it so popular .plus the interface as well is good looking and sleek. It works the libraries like a PC folder, where you search and filter according to the categories you labelled, or even by name, date, duration, type etc.
  4. RealPlayer: RealPlayer is one of the main loyalists of the music and media in a digital device for a long time, since its advent on PC’s.this is one of the best looking android apps out there, and that makes your device look and feel like an iPod while you listen to music.
  5. MX Player: there are many reasons why MX is one of the most popular video playing apps out there. The biggest feature that sets it aside is the ability to support multi core processing for any latest Android device. Also, any kind of High definition movies can be enjoyed without any hassles on a sleek, good looking interface.
  6. RockPlayer2: the old rockPlayer lite has revamped and improved, and had quickly become one of the most popular video laying apps. This is because the revamped version in now faster, lighter and also provides perfect synchronization between audio and video.
  7. BSplayer: working efficiently by decoding support with dual and quad core, this player gives an amazing playback speed. It can also play any video directly via Wifi, therefore you do not need to copy the media onto your memory card.
  8. Wondershare: Wondershare is a versatile and powerful video with a built in browser that lets you browse for videos directly from the net. In addition to this, you can also stream the browsed on net videos directly on to a television.
  9. VLC for android: initially launched as a beta version, it remains to be a beta version. Despite that fact that it has been downloaded my millions of Android users, it continues to warn you that using it may “kill your kitten” and can even “burn the house”. That said, it works flawlessly, and stands up to its popularity.
  10. DicePlayer:DicePlayer is a solid and popular video player. It is not as fancy as other video players for android, but the basic features work flawlessly. The best thing is that it supports many codec.