The concept of android tethering means that there are certain apps for android that helps extend the internet connection between different mediums and platforms. That is from PC to phone, from phone to another phone and from phone to PC.

Top 10 best android Video Apps 2016

The tethering software helps share a data connection. There are several android tethering apps available on google play store. A list of the top 10 best android tethering app 2016 is given below:

  1. PDA Net:

This is a free app that has been created by June Fabrics Technology Inc but the full edition requires a payment of $15.96. It is one of the most popular tethering software in the android market. The app allows tethering to be done from phone to PC via both USB and Bluetooth media.

  1. Wi – Fi Tether:

The function of this app is to create a peer to peer network between devices. The app is popular because it can support widgets and128 bit WEP and can control the access to the network. It can be downloaded for free.

  1. Easy Tether:

This is a unique android tether app that functions through USB mode only. The app is compatible with various gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. It is available free of cost.

  1. Fox Fi:

This again a very popular tethering apposed in android devices. It extends the data sharing not only with PCs but also with tablets and gaming consoles. The app is also supportive of basic data connections used in devices of reading like Kindle and Nook.

  1. Wi – Fi Hotspot and USB Tether Pro:

The most popular feature of this tethering app is that it support tethering on both wireless networks and through USB cables. Both these methods can be used for the sharing of data connection from your phone to the PC. The basic version of the app is free while the pro version is costly and includes all the features.

  1. ClockworkMod Tether:

This is another free app of tethering android that has been designed and crafted by ClockworkMod Company. The app is limited to USB cable tethering and is becoming very popular.

  1. Extended Controls:

A very popular tethering app on the list of top 10 best android tethering app 2014, the extended controls can be downloaded at a rate of $0.99. It has been developed by JustBitSrl. It is a customized power widget that easily creates a Wi Fi Hotspot for your use and comfort.

  1. Pda Net +:

The best thing about the plus version of the Pda Net tethering app is that it consists of both the Foxfi and PdaNet links to power up your laptop with your mobile network. You do not need to root your device before using it.

  1. Barnacle Wi Fi Tether:

This is a very powerful and effective tethering app that can help create a Wi fi hotspot in a few minutes.

  1. Wireless Tether for Root Users:

This is one of the first tethering apps and is considered to be the biggest competitor for Pda Net.