Although most Android devices today are coming with enough RAM and ample memory to support countless apps at one time, task killers are somehow still in the market. It may or may not be technically correct, and maybe just user perception, but it is observed that shutting down idle apps and killing processes makes the device work faster and smoother.

More and more experts and technical gurus are now refuting this, but the fact remains that the demand of task killers is still quite large. Here are the top ten best and most efficient task killers:

  1. Zapper Task Killer: Developed by Lookout Mobile Security, Zapper Task killer has easy solutions to make your device work faster. If your device is found lagging it ends all tasks and the processor becomes fresh
  2. Super Task Killer: Most people prefer apps that do not occupy much memory. If you are on the lookout for one such task killer, then super task killer is the app for you. It is capable of optimizing a device up to 50% while taking up a tiny space in your mobile. You can set a timer In the app, which automatically kills the apps without you having to do it manually.
  3. Simple Task Killer: as the name says, it is an easy to use and simple app with a simplistic layout. So if you are new to Android, you can use it effectively too due to its simplicity. It also helps out while installing and uninstalling apps, keeping it optimized in the process.
  4. Task Manager: if you are busy and do not have time to kills and manage your apps manually, then Task manager is the app for you. It does the job automatically, even when the screen is not on.
  5. Supertask manager: it is one of the best task killers that is available for Android devices out there. Along with killing the apps that are using up the RAM, but it doesn’t eat up much battery power as well.
  6. Advanced task killer: the effectiveness and ease of this app makes it a popular choice. On running the app, you get a list if all the apps that are running, and how much space they are hogging. You just need to touch the kill option, and your device becomes optimized.
  7. Task Killer: this one is a large, useful and simply the best package of Task management functions. It has the best features of all the best task killer. It also has a sleek interface.
  8. Android AutoClean: coming with a backup and restore option, this app is really useful as well as highly rated by most users. Apart from this you can clear the entire history of your mobile such as apps, call, SMS etc.
  9. Advanced Task Manager: if you are a tablet user, then this is the app for you. This is because it has a good looking interface that looks good and is compatible with the landscape orientation of tablets
  10. Task Manager: Task Manage is an easy and efficient app that does its job with ease. Really manages the running tasks and apps with ease. It’s a one click job if you want to kill the apps. The app is very simple and has no advanced features. This is one of the best app killer for Android when it comes to one click killing. Simply press the button and the app will do the rest. There are some options which you can toggle but they are trivial and have no real impact on the usefulness of the app.