With the smartphone getting bigger and better, the apps are becoming heavier and more sophisticated. The more space and processing of your device, the more apps you download and use. Even if your mobile is top of the range at the moment, it always requires optimization as well as task management for maximum ease of use and efficiency.

Top 10 Android Task Managers

Closing each and every task my hand was actually very cumbersome uptil Android 2.0, when he app would remain running or sitting idly in the background sapping up your precious RAM. The problem was solved by the development of Task Mangers for Android devices. Here are the 10 best task managers for Android devices:


  1. Android task manager pro: one of the most expensive yet powerful Task Mangers for android is the Android Task Manager Pro. It is as sophisticated as the task manager that you may find on a PC, and has functions such as app management, external APK file installation, CPU usage supervision as well as the process list in real time.
  2. Advanced Task Killer ByReChild: It’s ReChild really aimed high with their their Advanced Task Killer. It is one of the most widely downloaded task manager from Android stores. It is free, easy, efficient and powerful. In short, it is one of the best Task Managers out there.
  3. Advanced Task Manager by INFOLIFE: it is quite similar to other task managers, nothing new, but it Is quick, light and efficient at the same time. Above all it is free, which is of course, the most preferable feature. The one unique function it has is the feature to kill GPS.
  4. ES Task Manager : ES is better known for their ES File Explorer, but they have managed a pretty decent task manager app as well. It is one of the few android task managers that actually look aesthetically appealing, and unlike most task managers, it has many features.
  5. GO Cleaner & Task Manager: everyone is aware with the GO! Launcher that has been quite popular amongst Android users. It has as many as 40 million downloads, and for good reason. It not only manages apps but cleans your device of the junk as well.
  6. SystemPanelLite Task Manager: here again, this task manager app is amongst the few that actually even look good. When using free version, you get all the basic features such as task management, but with a paid version the list of features gets more longer and sophisticated including RAM management.
  7. Task Manager by coocledev: the simple Task Manager by coocledev can look deceptive. It may look simple but it is surprisingly efficient. Light and fast, it performs the basic things such as task management pretty well. Its aimed at the entry level android devices.
  8. Task Manager ByBalu: it may not have a very fancy interface, but it definitely gets the job done, and does it well. The one very good feature about it is that it sets timer for everyday when it will manage the tasks and kill idle apps and clear processes.
  9. Task Manager Pro: task manager Pro is a fairly young app as compared to others in the list, but it is very highly rated. This is because the list of features it offers is endless. It has features such as Killing the tasks, (or automated task killing as well), plus battery doctoring, SD card scanner, and even gives the hardware and software details.
  10. Watchdog Task Manager: we fail to understand that killing an app goes against the very nature of the multitasking Android OS. Watchdog developers remembered this, and hence designed an app that monitors the apps throughout, and when one starts to misbehave the most, it asks your permission to kill jut that one app instead of simply ending all the apps to release RAM.