Apart from smartphones and tablets, there is another device that is wildly popular, especially amongst the younger masses. It is the Kindle device. It was met lukewarm response, because reading books could be done easily with smartphones.

Top 10 Android Kindle Apps

However, when Kindle partnered with Amazon, it was a bookworm’s dream, come true. It became a device that became a mobile library as well as a tiny bookstore with an endless collection. With time Kindle has become more and more sophisticated, and is now compatible with many other apps as well. Below are the top ten best kindle apps that are sure to make your kindle more productive and fun:

  1. Rhapsody: Rhapsody is a free music app that fulfills your music urges, especially the untimely ones. It lets you stream the music, whichever you want, wherever you want whatever you want. Above all this amazing app is free.
  2. HBO Go: if you are an avid true blood or game of thrones fan, and you have an HBO subscription, then you don’t have to miss anything. Now you can enjoy your favorite TV shows on the go, on this amazing free app for Kindle.
  3. Comics by comiXology: if you have been bitten by the comic craze bug, them this app is definitely for you. This is the best comic app, and opens you to a world of comics that you canteven imagine. Old and new comics and issues alike, this is an app equally yummy for the comic veterans as well as the newbies.
  4. Pocket: anything that you would like to resume and read, watch, listen or research at a later time, then this one is the app that you want. Pocket saves all these things to your pocket, so you can use them even when you are offline later.
  5. NewsHog: if you are a current affairs and news maniac, then do not miss this app. Whether it is politics, sports, health, technology and entertainment, this app gives all the latest update on these areas from more than 100 preinstalled channels.
  6. GoodReads: having kindle and not having GoodReads on it seems like a blasphemy. How will you get the juicy reviews of the readers apart from the dry reviews that you usually read. Whether its popularity, rating, review or information, this app gives it to you at your fingertips.
  7. Scope: since there isn’t an official Facebook and twitter app for Kindle, this mega package gives the two, and more, such as Instagram and foursquare, in a single app. From this app, you can use the above with ease.
  8. Urbanspoon: lost in an unknown city, or worse a foreign country, with an empty, grumbling stomach and no knowledge of the cuisine or the food places? Well, go hungry no longer as urbanspoon is here to help. It gives you details of what to eat and where according to where you are. AndroZip Root File Manager: this one is useful for managing and organizing all your files. You can drag and drop, copy/paste and even compress the files you want.