Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving experience is never smooth and pleasant? Running into bumpy alleys, under construction roads, detours, running out of gas, running into a congested and high traffic area, there are so many things that disrupt your driving.

Top 10 Android driver Apps

It gets quite frustrating sometime. To help you out in such situations, there are many solutions in the form of countless android apps. Since almost everyone owns a smartphone, means that these apps are at your fingertips to have a smooth driving experience. Here is a countdown of some of the best android driving apps:

  1. RAC Traffic: This complete traffic information app displays an informative and interactive map that shows you an entire road works, all the information about the traffic, and also tells you about the level of congestion and traffic in the various areas. it plans or re plans your routes as well as alternative routes
  2. iCarPark: this isn’t exactly a driver or traffic app. It is more like a memory app. If you often forget where you park your car in a large parking, or a multilevel parking, then this apps helps you fine it. It records the exact location of your car when you park it, so you can find it later with ease.
  3. Auto Trader Mobile: if you wish to change your car, then this is definitely a good app for you. It is a well refined app that searches the car required by you exactly the way you need it to be. It puts up all the cars for sale on display is it matches your criteria.
  4. Ordnance Survey GB Road Atlas: this is an app that gives you a detailed and comprehensive map that is as good as a paper map. It helps you plan all your navigation routes whether you are driving or walking.
  5. Witness Driving: there are numerous times when you run into accidents but cannot claim insurance or press charges due to lack of proper evidence. This app is like a video camera that records any such incident and helps you to give proper evidence at such time
  6. FuelLogPro: many a times the fuel meter on your car shows faulty reading, or you may fell it is doing so. Either way, it is a good idea to make yourself convinced about the true levels of fuel. This app does that for you. It records how much fuel you have consumed over a certain time and distance.
  7. My Max Speed 2.0: let’s say you have a rebellious teen you want to keep an eye on when they are driving, then this app is helpful. It actually plots the reading of the speedometer, and various changes in speed on a spreadsheet. It also records the speed to help you in speed ticket situations.
  8. Trapster: Trapster app is the best app to save you from traps, such as hidden speed cameras and red light camera. This records the location of these various traps and after confirming it from various surrounding users, and then displays it on your phone
  9. Tripalyzer: this app is the most helpful app in terms of fuel economy. It tells you if your favorite route is fuel efficient, as well as which alternative route would be better. It also watches your driving habits and tells you if you are driving smartly and using fuel economically.
  10. AccuFuel: This app can keep records of the money that you spend on your fuel, also the amount of fuel consumed in various methods of measure Such as SAE, imperial, and metric fuel use.