The term tethering is used for a process through which an individual can share his mobile data with another device such as a laptop. Tethering an Android phone or tablet to a laptop allows users to share the internet connection of their Android device with their laptop. Many individuals carry out this practice owing to its benefits as well as simplicity. There are no complications involved in the tethering procedure and most updated devices today allow it to take place with ease.

How to Tether Android to Laptop

There are several ways of tethering an Android device to a laptop. These methods are described below in detail.

Bluetooth Tethering

Almost all smart phones, tablets and laptops have Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, it is one of the easiest ways of sharing data between two gadgets. You can easily tether your Android device to a laptop through Bluetooth in order to share internet connection between them. Another benefit of turning to Bluetooth tethering is that it works when there is no Wi-Fi around. However, a shortcoming of this method is that the internet speed is slow. In addition, only one device can be tethered at a time to your Android device. Moreover, it also puts a drain on the battery of your phone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Tethering

Tethering through Wi-Fi is better than using Bluetooth for the purpose. It enables faster speeds and allows more than one devices to be tethered simultaneously. However, Wi-Fi tethering can also make your gadget’s battery run out fast. In addition, users can turn to this option only if a reliable Wi-Fi connection is available.

USB Tethering

This is one of the best options for tethering an Android device to a laptop. It enables fast connection and browsing speeds. In addition, there is no drain on the battery power. On the contrary, your device will start charging up when you connect it to your laptop through a USB cable.

One of the drawbacks of USB tethering is that both the devices have to be in close proximity depending upon the length of the USB cable. Moreover, only one device can be tethered at a time.

Android Apps for Tethering

There are several applications in Android’s Play Store which can be used for the purpose of tethering. These apps are required in situations when your phone carrier disables tethering. In this case, third party apps can be used. However, users will be charged by the carrier for the use of mobile data.

Reverse Tethering

Most individuals share their mobile data connection with a laptop. However, a laptop’s internet connection can also be shared with a phone or tablet. This process is termed as reverse tethering and has several useful applications. However, for reverse tethering, the availability of wired Ethernet connection is must in your area.

All of the above mentioned options enable easy tethering in order to let you share internet connections between two or more different devices. This serves to be very useful and gives you access to the internet no matter where you are.