There has been a tough and a very great competition between the iOS and Android operating system these days. Both these operating systems have been introducing the new and the most innovative apps for the users. This is the reason it has become really very confusing for the people whether to go for iOS or Android.

How to migrate from iPhone iOS to Android without losing Files

But, with the passage of time, Android has got more popular all over the world and this is the reason why so many iPhone iOS users have been migrating to the Android Smartphones for enjoying the additional apps and features of Android OS. However, people are afraid of losing their data present in their iPhone. They should be not afraid of losing their data from their iPhones anymore as there are so many ways for transferring the data from iPhone iOS to Android OS Smartphones. People who don’t know how to migrate from iPhone iOS to Android without losing files must follow the following methods:

For transferring photos:

The best way for migrating the photos from iPhone iOS to Android is by using Google + photos app. All the user needs to do is to download the Google + photos app in the iPhone and then sign in with the existing Google account or by creating a new one and then select the ‘Auto Backup’ from the settings in this iPhone app. Then these photos are automatically synced to the cloud and after that they can be seen easily on the selected Google + photos app on any of the Android Device.

For transferring music:

The transferring of the music from the iPhone iOS to Android OS is really very easy. It’s not just easy, but it is also beneficial for the Google Play Music. For transferring the music files from the iPhone iOS to Android OS, all the user needs to do is install the Google Play Music Manager on the computer that is compatible with both the PC as well as MAC. Once this software is installed in the computer, the user can open it easily and choose whether he want to add the entire library of the iTunes or just some specific playlists. After selecting, press the upload button and all the selected music is uploaded on the Google Play. The users can easily listen to any of these tracks uploaded on Google Play on any of the Android device that they want.

For transferring contacts:

If the contacts are already synced with the Google account, then it is very easy for the users to view their contacts on any of their Android device anytime they want. If not, then they must make it sure that all of their contacts are synced on iCloud from the iPhone iOS. Once the contacts are synched on iCloud, the user needs to login to the iCloud account from the computer and export the VCard. Once these contacts are copied in the computer, the user can copy all of them on the Google account and after that sign in to the Google account from the Android device and import all contacts.