Android games are the craze that will never die out. Apps come and go, but games do not ever go out of fashion. In fact, games are the very thing that has made android so popular. Most potential and aspiring android developers start off with games. Android game development isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as it isn’t as easy as it seems.

How to make an android game?

But if you are willing to put your best foot forward, and put in everything you have, then it is quite possible. Android development isn’t easy, but if you are willing and hardworking then it is definitely possible for you, and will be worth the while once your game goes on the block and into the masses.

Here are some starter tips to help you get started:

  1. Selecting an appropriate framework: there is a lot of aid available on the internet for this

There numerous engines that are available, but you must select the best one for a great game. It is better nowadays, keeping up with the latest trend of cross platform. Choose a platform that is able to employ several popular platforms such as Android, desktop and HTML5. After initial development, test it on desktop and then fine tune it for Android.

Getting the Game Resources: if you think simply coding can take you through game creation, then you are quite wrong. Sounds, effects, graphics and fonts are the major resources that you must have when developing a game. You practically need to ransack the net looking for the right resources for your game. It is also advisable to have a knowhow and a thorough inspection of your resources before incorporating them in your game.

  1. Designing the game: the design phase is very important

In this stage you shape and design the game into the form you wish to see, or the way you envisioned seeing it on your cell phone. Once all the resources are present, you need sketch a blueprint of the game. If you aren’t an artsy or creative person, then it is better to get help from someone who is. You can always tell them what you want, but they will add all the different goodies.

The programming: next you have start on the programming. After you have gathered and gone through the above steps, the programming constitutes putting these together. When you get all the synchronization right, it will eventually take up the form of the Android game you imagined to be.

  1. Testing it finally: as said before, it’s better to use a cross platform framework

After you develop it test It on desktop, and then when you are assured it runs flawlessly, take it onto Android.

  1. Releasing your game:

this is the final and probably the most important step as all your hard work comes to life in this step. Google is the best launching pad, as they welcome new games and new developers. If you pass their quality guidelines, your game goes on the market.