Tethering is a very useful and convenient feature that is present in most of the smartphones of the world. Yet there are many carriers that restrict this feature. Tethering is a process that when used is referred to as using the smart phone as a mobile hotspot. In easier words you can use a smartphone and its internet connection and connect it with your laptop, tablet or any other WI FI enabled devices.

How to Tether Android Phones for all Devices

This type of a service almost usually uses the phone’s data connection to connect internet with other computing devices. This is a very useful and beneficial feature because it helps provide internet services at a place where there is no free Wi FI service and you need to get connected with the internet.

Most of the latest smartphones in the world come with the option of tethering. Therefore they can be turned into portable networks whenever the need arises. In general there are two ways of tethering android. One is through the service package and the other is through a third party app.

Let us first see the steps involved in the service package tethering:

  1. First of all open the settings menu in the smartphone. This can be done by clicking the menu button of the smartphone or finding settings on the home screen.
  2. Next you will need to open the tab called “tethering and portable hotspot”. This option can be searched by opening the wireless and network tabs in the settings menu. Sometimes this option may be located in the other settings menu of the smartphone as well.
  3. Turn on the mobile hotspot by sliding the switch in the smartphone tab. This will only occur if you carrier or service package allows provision of this service. In that case your will be taken to the hotspot settings otherwise the service might be denied.
  4. Adjust your hotspot settings by giving out a password and limiting the number of devices that can be connected with it.
  5. After the tethering is done, search for the network and connect the device with the network by adding the password.

If your service package does not enable tethering then you use a third party app. This can be done through the following steps:

  1. First of all download a third party tethering app. Sometimes the service providers might have blocked the download of such app from the play store. So you can download them directly from their websites.
  2. Install the app after download of the .APK file.
  3. Run the app by clicking on the app’s icon on the screen. You can configure the password and username along with other WI fi hotspot information.
  4. Once the network is enabled you can search for it on your device and make the connection by adding the password.

Tethering is a very useful feature that can help you connect to the internet even when a free Wi Fi connection is unavailable to the users.