Game Boy Advance is a very popular gaming console that was launched by the video game giant Nintendo in 2001. The Game Boy Advance is also known as the GBA, has been one of the most popular gaming consoles of the world.

The recent transition of the technological users in the smart phone era has changed the way many things worked in the past. A small device called the smart phone has become the solution of every problem. It not only helps in communication but also acts as a mini computer that allows you to browse the internet and is a full fledge video and image device. The video gaming has also been affected with the launch of the smart devices. The android based smart devices offer a great variety of video games to play. For all game boy lovers it is delight to know that GBA Games for Android can be played on smart android devices as well. All you need to do is download a good GBA emulator and this application will convert the smart android device into a GBA console.

The download process for the GBA emulator is very easy and any with little know how can do it. Once the Game Boy emulator has been downloaded the next step is to find the GBA ROMs for it. There are a large number of websites that offer to provide GBA ROMs for Android devices. You should select the ones you like the most and then download and install them on your own Android Device. Then you can enjoy a large number of GBA Games for Android on your smart device. There are many benefits using a smart device as Game Boy Advance rather than buying your own GBA Console. Some of the common advantages include the following:

  • You do not need to spend the extra money on buying the game boy advance gaming console.
  • Using your smart device as a GBA console means you do not need to carry the GBA console everywhere you go.
  • It makes playing GBA games for android easy and convenient anywhere and anytime. you also get a large variety of games to choose from
  • You do not need to buy the GBA game cartridges to play the games. You can download the GBA games for android from the internet.

These were some of the benefits that will be experienced if you get to use your android device as a game boy advance console. There is a large variety of GBA games for android that are available on the internet. You can search for them and download them on your android device. This way whenever you feel like play a GBA game you can play it on your smart device or mobile phone. Most people carry their smart devices everywhere they go. This makes it easy to access the GBA games for android at anytime and anywhere you are. All this is possible due to the GBA emulator android.