When it comes to installing apps from the Google play store, it has so many error codes that so many users face every day. However, a lot of Google play store errors among them also gets fixed by the Google play store and this is the reason why the Android Smartphones and tablet PCs are more in demand these days. Though, there are so many errors of the Google play store that still exist and one of the most common problems that a lot of Google play store users face is ‘No connection – Retry’ thing.

How to fix Google Play Store errors 2016

It happens a lot of time that even having a internet connection connected on the device, the Google play store refuses to connect and shows this kind of error to the users. All the users facing this kind of problem can always access the internet from all the other apps installed in their devices as well as the browser, but only the Google play store shows this error. However, there are so many methods of fixing this issue as well, so the people who don’t know how to fix Google Play Store errors 2015 should follow the following methods:

Method # 1:

The cache of the Google play store can also be the one big reason for these Google play store errors. The best and the easiest solution of clearing the cache of the Google play store are:

  • Go to the settings of the Android device and then to the apps.
  • Scroll to all of the apps section and from there find the Google play store app that is listed there. Open the app and from there and after that hit the clear cache option there also select the force stop this app. Now try opening the Google play store and you will see that the issue has been fixed.

Method # 2:

Incorrect date and time can also be a reason for this kind of Google play store errors. The users must check whether the time and the date on their Android device is correct or not. The Google play store does not work on the device if the date and time are not set properly. If they are incorrect, the users must go to the settings, fix the time and the date and then retry their Google play store, they will find it working properly.

Method # 3:

After following all the methods, if the Google play store still doesn’t work, then the users must try reinstalling the apps and updating their Google play store in case it don’t work properly. For updating of the Google play store, the users might also need to download the latest play store APK file and after that also install it in the device by copying it from the computer to the device using the USB data cable. The users should also cross check if the Google services framework is also available at the latest version in their Android devices.