Almost all the people these days have the latest Android Smartphones with them, so that they can enjoy different kind of amazing apps on these devices, so staying connected with their friends and families and getting entertained as well. This is the reason why the Android Smartphones has become a choice of so many people all over the world.

How to fix when an Android phone drops in Water

However, different kind of problems can also occur like losing the phone, dropping it anywhere, etc. Sometimes, the Android phone can also be dropped in the water as well and can be damaged as well, but there are so many ways to fix the Android phones as well. People who are not aware of how to fix when an Android phone drops in water can follow the following steps for fixing their phones:

Take the phone out of water:

First of all, the users need to take their phones out of water as quickly as possible if the users have not done that already.

Don’t press any button:

After that the users should resist the urge to see whether the phone is still working or not, but:

  • The device should not be turned on.
  • It shouldn’t be navigated.
  • Any of the keys should not be pressed.
  • Don’t even use the phone.

Remove the battery from the phone:

If it is easy, then the battery must be removed from the phone that was accidently dropped in water and also cut all of the power to the device to decrease the chance of a short.

Remove the phone from the case:

If the phone is always kept in the protective case, then the outer case must be dried from the outside with ease and then remove the cover. Also try not to rock the phone that much to help preventing water from running into any of the ports, plugs, cracks, holes and such other places of the phone.

Take off all the removable parts:

If the water damaged phone has any of the SIM card or the memory card, then they should be removed out as soon as possible and set them somewhere aside as well so that they can also get dry. However, the SIMs is replaceable and most of the memory cards are waterproof, so this is not that big issue.

Dry the phone with some dry towel or cloth:

After that the outside of the phone as well as the other visible parts must be cleaned with some dry towel or the cloth.

Do not blow the phone:

The wet phone is never recommended to dry using a blow dryer or even through the lips or the straw as this thing can damage the phone even more.

Wait for 24 to 48 hours:

After drying the phone using the above steps, the users must wait for 24 to 48 hours for starting their phone as it needs some time to get fixed.

Check the phone:

After switching on the phone, check the phone whether all of its functions are working properly or not.