Smartphones have become really very common among people all over the world. People have been appreciating the android OS because of its countless free applications and many other features. Latest versions of Android OS have been introduced time to time that are simply amazing and they are known better than all other operating systems.

How to find stolen or lost Android mobile using Android Device Manager

Basically like other operating systems, android falls in the same category and it is based on the Linux Kernel. It is actually designed for the touchscreen mobiles that are commonly known as Smartphones. It is also designed for the touchscreen tablet computers. There are so many amazing things about the Android devices that have been attracting a lot of people to purchase these amazing Smartphones. In fact, the users can also find their lost phones by using some of the Android apps installed in their devices. People who don’t know how to find stolen or lost Android mobile using Android Device manager must follow the following steps:

Tracking the Android device using Android Device manager:

The Android device manager will always keep on tracking the phone or the tablet that has been linked to the Google account of that device. The device manager is always compatible with any of the Android device running 2.2 or the later version. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that this amazing app works even if the location of the device is not turned on. When the users buy their Android phone, they are suggested to head over to the Android Device manager page for ensuring that Lock and Erase are enabled on the device. After that, Google sends over the test message to that device for ensuring whether it works or not. After that, the users need to tap ‘Activate’ to enable the remote wiping features.

Find the device:

Everybody knows that emergencies comes all of sudden. This is the reason why people are suggested to keep a backup, so that they can keep themselves secure. Same is the case with the Android devices; people can lose their Android devices in any kind of mishap anytime. This is the reason why most of the people like to use the Android Device manager for tracking their Android device in case of losing it. In the future, if ever the users lose their Android phone, they should always head to the ADM site. From this site, the users can select any of the Android devices that they have linked with their Google account. After selecting the device, the users can manage anything on their Android devices from the desktop PC or the laptop, whatever suits them the best. If the user thinks that their Android device is in the wrong hands, then they can select the option of ‘Erase’, so that all the data from their device would be erased and nobody else would be able to misuse their data. This is the reason why Android devices have become a choice of most of the people all over the world.