There are so many features and specifications of Android devices that have been attracting a lot of people to purchase the latest Android OS Smartphones and tablets time to time. This is the reason why Android devices have become this much popular all over the world.

How To Factory Reset Android Phone, Windows Phone Or Tablets

The Android OS keeps on introducing the unique and the innovative features for their users, this is the reason why thousands of people do not like switching to any other OS. One of the best things about Android OS devices is that it allows the users to reboot their devices easily without many efforts. People who don’t know how to Factory reset Android phone, Windows phone or tablets must follow the following methods:

Factory Reset the Android Phone:

There are so many Android OS device users who are usually not familiar with the ways of factory reset of their Android devices. For these people, there is no such reason to worry at all; these people can follow the following steps for factory reset their Android phones or tablets:

  • Go to the system settings of the Android phone or tablet.
  • Select the ‘Backup and Reset’ option in the settings.
  • Now there from the menu list, select the option of the ‘Factory data Reset’.
  • After that, there would be seen some options, find the option of the ‘Reset Phone’ from there and tap on that option.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Erase Everything’ and then wait for some minutes for making complete reset of the phone.
  • Once this process is completed, this means that all the data is erased from the device and the user have factory reset their Android phone or tablet.

Factory Reset for the Windows Phone:

At times, the factory reset of other Operating system devices is different from the Android OS. However, this is also as easy as Android OS factory reset. All the user needs to do is:

  • First of all, find the system settings of the Windows phone.
  • In the settings of the device, find ‘About tab’ and tap on that option.
  • Once the ‘About tap’ option is selected, tap on the ‘Reset your phone’ button and after that confirm that whether you want to erase all your data from the device or not?
  • After confirming, wait for a few minutes until all the data from the device is erased.
  • Once you are done, the factory reset of the Windows phone has been done successfully.

These are the perfect and the most frequently used ways for the factory reset that has been used by so many Android and Windows phones users from a long period of time. However, usually there is no need to erase any of the data from the device, but once it is required, then factory reset is one of the best options for erasing each and everything from the device without facing much inconvenience. This is the reason why these amazing methods are used by most of the people.