Samsung is one of the most popular mobile phone companies that have gained worldwide popularity as well. A lot of people have been purchasing the Samsung mobile phone as it has made a good reputation of its products in the market with providing the best quality handsets. These days, there is a very tough competition in the market and a lot of people have been purchasing the best and the up to date Smartphones.

How To Factory Reset The Android Galaxy Note 3

Among these people, there are a large number of those people as well who do not like to purchase any other handset than the Samsung mobile phones. This is why Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is so much in demand these days. It is actually designed for the bang for the bucks, so that the users can enjoy the most innovative, smart and unique features of this great Smartphone. It is launched recently in the market and has gained worldwide popularity because of its best and the most amazing features. However, for the better performance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, sometimes it needs to be formatted. People who don’t know how to factory reset the Android Galaxy Note 3 for better performance should follow the following steps:

Factory reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

There are so many Android OS device users who are usually not familiar with the ways of factory reset of their Android devices. For these people, there is no such reason to worry at all; these people can follow the following steps for factory reset their Galaxy Note 3:

  • Go to the system settings of the Android phone or tablet.
  • Select the ‘Backup and Reset’ option in the settings.
  • Now there from the menu list, select the option of the ‘Factory data Reset’.
  • After that, there would be seen some options, find the option of the ‘Reset Phone’ from there and tap on that option.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Erase Everything’ and then wait for some minutes for making complete reset of the phone.
  • Once this process is completed, this means that all the data is erased from the device and the user have factory reset their Android phone or tablet.

These are the perfect and the most frequently used ways for the factory reset that has been used by so many Android phones users from a long period of time. However, usually there is no need to erase any of the data from the device, but once it is required, then factory reset is one of the best options for erasing each and everything from the device without facing much inconvenience. This is the reason why these amazing methods are used by most of the people, especially for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users, so that they can enhance the speed and performance of their device anyway they can. However, there is a list of amazing methods that is available over the internet for the factory reset of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but the method given above is beyond excellent.