Strategy games have always been extremely addictive. Individuals get the chance to exhibit their intelligence and use clever ways of getting to the next levels. With the increasing trend of playing games on smart phones and tablets, there has also been an increase in the development of games designed specifically for these gadgets. Android’s Play Store is full of a wide variety of games for interested folks.

Download Top 10 Android Strategy Games 2016

Read on to find out about the top 10 Android Strategy Games for 2014 which can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store.

Hills of Glory 3D

Hills of Glory are an Android game which does not only hold the interest of players, but also present impressive graphics and an engaging game play. Boys would love this game as it is all about wars and soldiers. The game involves World War II and requires the players to defend themselves against enemy soldiers. The enjoyable experience of the game is enhanced by its 3D graphics. In addition, Hills of Glory allows the players to use their intelligence and skills in order to get rewards accordingly.

Heroes of Dragon Age

This is a game which can really win hearts all over the world. An army is built through famous warriors as well as epic monsters. Heroes of Dragon Age are a hit among boys and older guys.

Magic 2014

Tired of war games? Indulge in Magic 2014 which is a card game. Use your intelligence and plan strategies to win the game.

Triple Town

Another one of the most popular Android Strategy games is Triple Town. It has been developed by Spry Fox. The main aim of the game is to build a great city through strategy and skills of the player. The main obstacle which players face in the game is the presence of bears which act as a hindrance during the process of city development. Those who can use clever strategies to overcome this obstacle will be the ones to gain success in the game.

Bloons TD 5

Enjoy this strategy game on your tablet or smartphone. The developers keep bringing updates so that players always have something new to look forward to.

Kingdom and Lords

Lovers of strategy games have another amazing Android game for their tablets and smart phones. Kingdom and Lords is and addictive game with impressive graphics. It has been created by a renowned company known as Gameloft. This strategy game is not just about building a city, but also involves training an army for the city’s defence.

Lords and Knights

Another impressive strategy game for Android users is Lords and Knights. Xyrality GmBh has developed this game. The game requires players to build a castle and train an army in order to deal with enemies. Those who succeed at overcoming obstacles will be able to build an entire empire gradually.

Enemy Lines

Kiwi Inc. presents Enemy Lines – an amazing strategy game for Android users. The game involves battles and training of troops. Players have to use clever strategies to defeat the enemy.

Plague Inc

One of the hottest Strategy games for Android users in 2014 is Plague Inc. The game has been developed by Ndemic Creations with mind-blowing graphics. The game revolves around biological warfare and requires players to use very clever strategies in order to win.

Clash of Clans

Folks who are interested in combat strategy games would love Clash of Clans. The game play is set in a village environment. Players have to lead their clans in combats in order to get victory over others.