The android emulator is very unique and interesting software of the present day modern. It has the capability of developing a virtual mobile device which can be used to run all types of android applications and software. The application runs a full android system stack. This is taken down to the kernel level. The application also includes a set of pre-installed supporting applications like a dialer.

Download Free Best Android Emulator 2016

These can be easily accessed from the applications. The configuration process of the AVDs allows the user to select the version of the android system that should be run on the emulator app. It also provides the option of modifying or selecting the skin of the mobile device and its key mapping areas. So you can also download android emulator and use it as a virtual mobile device producer for your various purposes. It will allow you to use all kinds of android apps and make use of their functionality.

After you download android emulator you can launch it and run it. There are various commands and options that you can choose from just to control its various different features. The android emulator is a supporter of different kinds of hardware and software features. Some of the very common ones may include the following:

  • It may have anARMv5 CPU and a memory-management unit (MMU) that will correspond with it.
  • The display properties with 16 bit
  • You can choose to have a key board of any of the available kinds
  • The sound chip can give you both input and output functions and features
  • The android emulator also has the capabilities to provide the flash memory partitions
  • With a GSM modem you can get a stimulated SIM card also
  • The android emulator will let you have all the functions of a camera that can be a webcam that is in connection with the virtual device of computer.
  • Once you download android emulator and run its sensors can also be made functional just like in an accelerometer. It can use data available on a USB connection of Android Device.

The android SDK comes with a virtual mobile device emulator. So you can download android emulator and take advantage of all its amazing features and functions. You do not need to have a physical android device. With the help of the android emulator you can go on developing and testing the various android apps without the presence of an actual android device. Once you download android emulator it even allows you to use the personal computer as a means of testing the prototypes of android apps created.

It has the capabilities to mimic all the hardware and software functions and features that are present in an actual smart phone or android device. The only drawback or weak point is that you cannot actually place it on your hand. Other than that the android emulator is a great technology that has changed the way people in the application development industry used to work.