So many people these days have been using the Android devices greatly from a long period of time. This is all because the Android devices are considered user frequently and have been introducing so many amazing and innovative features and apps for the users. This is the reason why the Android devices have become so much popular all over the world.

How to download APK files from Google Play Store to PC

APK is one of the most popular features of the Android devices that have been attracting more and more people to purchase the latest Android Smartphones. However, there are so many people who don’t know how to download APK files from Google Play Store to PC. These people should not be worried at all as the following methods would help these users to download the APK files from Google store to the PC:

Download APKS via online downloader:

There are so many APK file downloader’s that have been helping a lot of users to download the APKs of certain games as well as the apps. One of the best online tools for downloading the APKs is the APK downloader from the that very easily fetches as well as downloads the APKs from the Google Play Store. It can be downloaded really very easily from the Google play store anytime the users want. After downloading from the Google play store, the user needs to enter the app ID from the Google play store or the entire URL can also be entered for the app or the game at the Google play store. After entering the ID of the app or the URL, the user needs to press generate the download link button. After that, the APK file will be fetched within a few seconds and the download link for that particular file will also appear from where the users can download the specific APK file to the PC.

Download APKs via chrome extension:

Chrome extension is another one of the best ways of downloading the APKs from Google play store to the PC. The same developer provides the extension for the Google chrome that directly downloads the APK files from the Google play store without any single limitations or restrictions. All the user needs to do is download and install the extension and then browse the particular URL of the app or the game from the Google play store and download the full file APK of any of the concerned content by using that content.

These two are the best and the most common ways that have been so much in use for a long period of time for downloading the APKs from the Google play store to PC. This is the reason why so many people from different places of the world have been using different kind of Android devices for different purposes. The users can use any of the recommended methods for downloading any kind of APK files from the Google play store to PC anytime they want just by having any of the Android device.