Android Smartphones has gained worldwide popularity among people all over the world. The Android operating system has countless great features that have made the android devices really great to use. They have got the best and unique features that include the process of rooting as well. There are various benefits of rooting an Android device.

How to control your Android Mobile from PC or Laptop

Android Smartphones has gained worldwide popularity and has become really very common among people because of their countless great specs and functions. The android is basically designed for the touch screen Smartphones and even the tablet PCs. However, most of the people are not aware of how to control your Android Mobile from PC or Laptop. They should follow the following steps for controlling their Android phones:

By using AirDroid:

AirDroid is one of the best Android apps that help the users to connect their Android device with their PC or laptop. But, the users must make it sure that their desktop PC or the laptop is connected on the same wireless network as the Android device. This is how it would work by linking up the mobile device with the desktop PC or the laptop. However, in order to start with the AirDroid on the Android device, the users need to go to the Google play store and then download and install AirDroid and then run this amazing app. On the desktop PC or the laptop, the users need to navigate to or the key in the IP address shown on the Android device. Once the user logs in to the AirDroid by punching in the 6 digit code, the user needs to tap the camera button in the app of AirDroid. Scan the QR code shown on the browser. And for entering via passcode, insert the 6 digit code the user see on the Android device onto the web browser of the device. After login to to AirDroid, the users can click on any of the icons for starting managing and controlling the Android device from the desktop PC.

Team Viewer for Remote Control:

This is another one of the best and the most amazing Android apps that is used for controlling the Android device from the PC or the laptop. This amazing Android app is totally free and there are so many people who have this app installed in their Android devices, so that they can easily operate their Android devices from the Desktop PC or the laptops anytime they want. The most amazing features of the Team Viewer for Remote Control include:

  • Effortlessly access computers behind the firewalls and the proxy settings.
  • Transferring files on both the directions.
  • Intuitive touch and the control gestures.
  • Multi monitor support.
  • Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding.
  • Full keyboard functionality.
  • Sound and video transmission in real time.

All these features together have been making it possible for the users to control their Android devices anytime they want from their desktop PC and the laptops.