It’s both easy and possible to customize your android phone the way you want. You can change the font of your android device and set it as you prefer. The steps are not lengthy and do not require extremely high expertise.

How to Change Fonts for Android Device 2016

There are two types of main methods for this process which can then be divided into sub-possibilities. The first being the non-root methods while the other is the root-method. The level of difficulty for the completion of this process is dependent upon the device type. Like, it can be particularly difficult to change the font or typeface on Google Nexus tab.


Non-Root Method

Below is discussed one of the ways to font type using the non-root method?

Using custom launchers

You can change the fonts on android using non root method by custom launcher apps. Most of the custom launcher will require you to install themes while some launchers integrate the font changing function.

GO Launcher EX is one of the most famous custom launchers that provide a way for you to change font in android devices.

One of the setbacks of the GO Launcher EX is that it is incapable of changing the font type in your apps and Android system menus. Font customization is only valid for the selected parts of the custom launcher UI and not for the entire system.

For changing the font styles in Go launcher EX follow the following steps:

  1. Open the /sdcard/GOLauncherEX/Fonts directory and copy your TTF font files.
  2. Start open GO Launcher EX
  3. Represented by three dots, tap on the Menu button visible on the home screen or alternatively swipe the screen upwards.
  4. Tap on the Preferences button so that the GO Launcher Settings page may be brought up.
  5. Tap on the visual settings option.
  6. Swipe towards the Font tab which is on the left
  7. For enabling the app to scan your directories for font files tap on Scan Font
  8. Now the app should find the fonts that you copied in the directory: /sdcard/GOLauncherEX/fonts
  9. Tap on Select Font, finalise your choice and finally, tap on the font you desire.

Root Method

The root method can prove to be a bit more difficult than the non-root method because it requires altering system files, but is just as valid and applicable. Several font changer apps are available on the Google Play store which are valid for root devices and are also easy to use.

Font Installer

Font installer is a free and easy to use app for rooted android devices.

The steps you need to follow for completing the font customisation process are:

  1. Copy the TTF file you wish to use onto your device by copying it in the directory: /sdcard.
  2. Open Font Installer.
  3. Before making any changes to your system files you must backup your existing font styles first. Select backup/Restore after taping on the Menu. Next choose the Backup option. If Super SU or Superuser asks for permission, allow it.
  1. Next tap on local to locate your TTF file.
  2. Select your font and then tap Install.