The Nexus seven has been launched into the market. It has been an instant hit and for good reason. A larger than life screen and an ultra-powerful processor makes it a worthy gadget. To take full advantage of the amazing process or and large screen, you need to download the best apps that will enhance your experience of using the nexus.

Best Ever Nexus Android Apps 2016

If you choose the best tablet optimized apps, then you can have the best using experience, since they are tailored to fit your tablet. Here are some of the best android nexus apps:

  • Evernote: as the name suggests it is a note taking app. It basically connects all the devices that have Evernote installed on them through a single user account that you create upon first use. Attaching and mailing MS office files, to do list, memo maker, all these things are given to you by the evernote app.
  • Google Drive: the Google Drive app has improved so much in the past few months that it is now extremely easy to use. Creating, editing and sharing work has never been so easy as it is with the Google Drive app. The revamped interface look good on a Nexus tab.
  • Pocket cast: paying homage to the good old podcasts, this great looking app works great on Nexus. It will sync all your devices, and all you need to do is to add the subscriptions and set the downloads.
  • Feedly: if you are an avid feed reader, then this is a must have app for you on a Nexus. Pretty and efficient, you can export feeds from where you want them or simply search the built in feed library of Feedly.
  • 7×7: this is probably going to waste so much of your precious time, but it is going to be so much fun matching the colored squares. Deceptively simple and amazingly addictive, it looks and feels great on Nexus.
  • Bloomberg app: news article, videos and news feed, this one app is great for tablets for people who like to keep In touch with the latest business and stock market news.
  • Pulseis: Pulse is an amazing app that totals all the latest news from thousands of sources and gives them in a highly organized format, which makes it enjoyable to read and browse. The official TED app brings more than 1,500 enlightening talks to your Nexus 7 from tech wizards, business experts, and music legends, among others. You can save individual talks to the device for later viewing offline, and there’s an optimized video player for 7-inch tablets.
  • Pandora: Pandora is the best app for free music out there. It segreagets the music by a variety of criteria, including tempo. It is free, and has music from all over the music industry. This app is the answer to all your music needs

Splashtop: this is a fast and easy remote app that allows you to access the windows or mac computers from anywhere through your smartphone. You can access everything that is on your computer such as apps, documents, emails, games etc